Hey! I am Meg. I have an offline store and I want to sell online.

I run a store offline and want to venture out to sell my products to a wider audience available online. I am a manufacturer of my products as well as source some products from other providers that I want to sell online. 

We assisted Meg with eCommerce Website Design & Development Services she needed to setup an online store for her business.

She had questions about everything, and we were happy to help clear her queries so that she would know what to expect when selling online.

What kind of items can I sell online?

Can I sell anything and everything online?

With the growing categories of products available, you can sell almost anything online today except for some items restricted according to the trade policies of different geographies. See the list of restricted items.

What is the most difficult part?

Is it difficult to get an online payment gateway or logistics signup?

Unlike many people think & worry, the most difficult part of starting an online store is not tie-up with payment gateways or logistics providers but is to get into the mindset of online selling. Online selling is very different from selling offline, and you have to focus on the right technology partner to get through the curve. Since the visitor is not interacting with you directly, you need to provide correct information about the product online to help him in his decision to make a purchase.

I have made the Website. Will it sell automatically?

When can I expect my first sale?

A website cannot sell products automatically. There is so much to building a successful online business. Things like understanding what potential customers want, content marketing, paid advertisements, sales funnels, conversion optimization, search engine optimization, and so much more. We have seen many businesses starting an online store with no strategy to market it. If the website is not marketed than it is like an ad which is printed but not distributed. If your content is unique, it will surely attract visitors organically, but you still need to plan for the first sale and growing month on month revenues.

I need to sell more. What should I do?

Shall I start Ads with Google and Facebook?

There are different mediums for getting traffic and thus sales. You should understand and explore all these mediums. You can get traffic organically through search engines, paid advertisements, affiliate marketing, newsletters, campaigns or Google merchant center. Each of these traffic mediums is unique, and so is the behavior of the visitor acquired through them. We can help you explore these mediums and how you can optimize your store to get sales eventually.  

How can I grow traffic organically?

How can I grow organic traffic exponentially?

The term “organic traffic” is used for referring to the visitors that land on your website as a result of unpaid (“organic”) search results. To plan for organic traffic, you need to ensure your solution is SEO enabled. Your campaign should allow you to put meta tags, descriptions, titles, and other on-page SEO changes to attain an increased ranking on search engine results pages (SERPS). At Retaxis, we work extensively to make your online store as organic SEO friendly and continuously evolving so that you get more sales on your store for Free.

How do I know who is buying from me?

More importantly, who is not buying, and why? Can I convert the non-buyers?

There are 2 aspects to this question. Firstly with inbuilt reporting features, Retaxis can show you, who is buying from you with all the details about the products, orders and delivery locations.
Secondly, with Google Ecommerce Analytics integrated, you can come to know which segment is performing best for your business; where the customer is coming from; and from where they are bouncing off from your website. You can review data analytics to make corrections in your online store for better sales.

How will I come to know if I have an order?

Do I need to call someone to pickup the order for delivery?

Retaxis powered solutions have an inbuilt notification system which is capable of intimating buyer as well as admin for new orders and their changes in stages. These notifications can be sent on emails as well as on SMS. So technically when you as admin of your store receive an order, you get an email with the details of the order.
Retaxis is also seamlessly integrated with logistics providers like Aramex, Postaplus, Shipyaari, and more. This means that the moment you set an order status as ‘Ready to Ship’ an intimation of the same is sent to your preferred logistics partner to schedule a pick up from your location.

Will the customer know I have shipped?

Will he be able to see and track the order status?

Yes, thanks to integration with logistics partners, the system is capable of receiving and displaying realtime status updates for an order. Details of the AWBN number for order tracking is shared with the buyer and admin along with a link to track its actual movement. So there will be no more calls from a panicked buyer asking where is my order.

Currently, I need orders from my city only.

Can I restrict that & later sell globally everywhere?

Ecommerce business can be restricted to an area by using the supported pin code, zip code, or postcodes. So if you want to restrict users from outside a certain region to place orders, you can create and manage a list of supported locations. The system will automatically prevent any buyers to checkout for an address outside that supported location. Later, as you grow big, all you need to do is increase the size of your supported locations. 

I don’t have all the items in the order?

Do I need to cancel and refund the money?

We have seen businesses facing this problem if they are not managing their inventories effectively, or if there is a sudden spike in orders where the procurement fails to fulfill the need.
In a scenario like this, let’s say, you got an order of five different SKUs, but only four is available, then Retaxis will give you the flexibility to partially fulfill the order. You can fulfill the four items in the order and cancel the fifth item, or ship it later.

Will my website crash if I have too many orders?

Is there a guarantee for how much traffic a store can handle?

It’s never the orders that crash a website, but the number of visitors that come on a website at the same instant of time. Although no platform can guarantee 100% uptime, we have a stellar reputation for serving high-traffic sites. We have stress-tested our store to take a load of up to 2 million page views in a day. These are tested on a single server with 32 GB Ram and Xeon processor. We also support AWS and Azure cloud services so if you have a website which is expecting high traffic, then we can host you on the Cloud with load balancing implemented.

Will my website be built on WordPress/ Magento?

What is the technology my website is built on? Do you have mobile apps?

When we started building Retaxis in 2010, we had 2 options. Use an open-source solution like Magento / WordPress or make a stack from the ground up. We chose to go with the second option as we wanted a solution with better control, tighter security and greater scalability which was a challenge with open source software available. See our full list of reasons why we chose to make Retaxis from the ground up.

Is my store Secure?

What happens if it gets hacked, will he be getting Credit Cards info?

With implementations of newer GDPR policies, SOC protocols, and new emerging threats it is important for your business to be secure. It is a primary requirement for users planning to transact with you. We counter this with the classification of information and restricted access of the data to our teams or stakeholders involved. We ensure that your stores are tested for OWASP top 10 list at all times, we recommend the usage of SSL certificates and we ensure encryption of data for better security.

How will you support me?

What all is included in support & can you do cataloging for me?

Like any business, your online store also needs upkeep and maintenance at periodic intervals. We offer free post-live support as well as affordable support packages for your business to scale. We want to be your technology partners and will like to assist and enable your business for any technical requirements it has. We refrain ourselves from any operational support for running the business cause you are the closest to it and we believe you can manage it the best.

She seemed contented with the answers we had to offer

If you are planning to start an online ecommerce store like Meg and have questions that are still unanswered do write to us. We can take you thru the demo of Retaxis powered ecommerce store and ensure all your queries are answered before you take the final decision. 

Where can I see Full Feature List for starting an online store?

Give me full feature list for starting an online store?

The bucket list of all the features we have to offer is available for you to view from the button below. If you think you have a need for additional features or some features offered by us need customizations then we are happy to help you on the same. 

Full Feature List

list of features for ecommerce store

How much will it cost to make online ecommerce store?

Can you share pricing packages for online store?

We have created affordable plans for ecommerce website design very carefully. They offer you the benefits of an enterprise-level solution at optimal costs. Top of it since we made it all inhouse we can modify and customize it as per your business need. Checkout the pricing link below.