B2B Website Design for a Wholesale Marketplace to sell office supplies

DEALBERG.COM – B2B Multivendor Wholesale Marketplace

Dealberg.com is a Bengaluru based B2B closed multivendor marketplace offering office supplies and stationary products to corporate clients. We call it a closed marketplace because the buyer does not knows who the seller is and it works on a procurement model at the backend where in the buyer / corporate gets an invoice in the name of Dealberg than of the seller. 

They are operating successfully in 4 different states in India and growing to start operations in more states soon. 

B2B website design for Office Supplies based Wholesale Marketplace

Dealberg.com is a B2B marketplace designed to change the way businesses purchase in India. It works on procurement model where the buyer never knows who the seller is and gets the invoicing in the name of the Marketplace. With procurement feature it also supports advanced features like

  • minimum order quantities
  • selling of same products by multiple sellers
  • delivery to multiple locations of sellers
  • differential pricing of products according to the amounts of purchase
  • order indenting process for primary & sub buyers of a corporate.
  • exclusive buyer pricing and catalogue. 


Start of a B2B Marketplace for Corporates

Understanding the requirements they had we made a closed B2B marketplace keeping in mind that the end user will be a business who is buying items for its consumption. The workflows were created that the system manages

  • Tax rates of multiple locations
  • Purchase automation on receipt of a sales orde
  • Buying workflow for corporates that allows them to follow maker and  approver process
  • Seamless reportings for finance teams of the corporates with department codes and purchase orders
  • exclusive pricing catalogs for corporates according to the onboarding tieup.