Online Marketplace that enables Artisians to Sell Handicraft Online

9INDS.COM – Marketplace to Sell Handicraft Online was conceptualized with the idea of allowing artisians to sell their handicraft items online. The solution planned was to provide a online platform to budding artisits who can exhibit and sell their handicraft items like sculptures, paintings, sarees, figurines and many more online without getting hassled by the irregular pricing of a middlemen.

The Challenge we had

The challenge we had was to allow artisians with limited knowledge to sell online and fulfill online. They needed a seller panel from where the artisians can manage the product inventory as well as the fulfill the orders online. The solution needed has to be capable to allow sellers to put in multiple product pictures online for different views desired to be displayed by the seller.

A Marketplace to sell handicraft online

9inds was amongst the first few who came into being and allowed sales / purchase of handicraft items online. Handicraft items do not have a steady pricing and manier times it refrained the buyers to choose them but with 9inds things changed and with transparent pricing ot was easier for buyers to buy them while at the same time the transparent commissioning model allowed sellers to sell with ease, without the fear of being duped by a middlemen.