A Printing Marketplace Software for B2C and B2B Transactions

Urprinters – Online Printing Marketplace Software for B2C and B2B

URPrinters is a unique concept that we worked on to create a printing marketplace for a Delhi based Startup. URPrinters solves a basic problem of a business which is printing and procurement of merchandise for internal usage. The items ranges from custom printing jobs like letter head, visiting cards to merchandise that can be customised / personalised by the buyers directly from the platform.

The Challenge we had

The need was to create a platform that can cater needs of both B2C and B2B buyers. Printing being a very niche segment the major issue was to derive the pricing according to the raw material available for the print jobs. So a visiting card with different shape, in different paper and different finish has a very different cost. How to manage that ?

URPrinters – a Printing Marketplace

We worked extensively with the project teams to understand how the costings of a printing product is derived on the basis of print options or raw materials that go in the same. The result is a Unique Printing Marketplace Software where printers do not need to provide price of each custom print item they sell but just provide cost of raw materials that go into making such a product and the system automatically calculates the cost per unit.

This gives Buyer more affordable cost options and Sellers a conformity of Price / Profit per sale.